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<p style="text-indent: 2em;">The company provides each employee with a platform to make full use of their talents. The company has a sound human resource management system and a good working and living environment. The company provides excellent benefits such as seniority award, full attendance award, year-end subsidy, and paid annual leave. Treatment, monthly birthday party for employees, large-scale Spring Festival Gala held every year, the company provides accommodation and food, and purchases five insurance and one gold for employees. The management philosophy of &ldquo;People-oriented, talent-only&rdquo; is to provide reasonable and sufficient incentives for employees in the principles of openness, fairness, justice and merit-based, and to promote career planning and construction of employees at all levels, so that talented employees can Great achievements on the platform we provide.</p> <p style="text-indent: 2em;">We are eagerly awaiting talented people from all over the world who are looking for their own development and development platform to join our family and work together to create our own business! Welcome to join us!</p>

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